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About This Site

I was inspired by my friend thatzopoulos to cultivate a digital garden. I love to write and share things but the constraints of dated blog posts in a reverse-chronological timeline has always felt wrong to me.

This "digital garden" is my attempt to thwart any feelings of "not producing content" because content is not what I'm about.

The pages of this site will continually grow and change. I hope you find them amusing, educational, useful, and interesting.

Neat e-people of the web

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If someone you know maintains a page you like, don't forget to tell them you appreciate it their effort!

My Store

Wow! Amazing! I sell stickers!

I love stickers and collect them. Since I purchased a printer and a cutting robot, I've been able to start making my own. Some of them are images that I generated with DALL·E. I sell them in packs for $15. Shipping is included and if you know where I live then local pickup is available.








This site was originally based on this template but I've since made so many changes at this point that there's barely anything left of the original framework. You can view the full source code of this site on GitHub. If you like it, feel free to copy and adapt it to your own needs.