Pixel Fonts (Atalanta and Rudras)

I wanted to share some of the fonts I’ve been making for my games.

Here’s Atalanta and Rudras. I made them with BITFONTMAKER2, an awesome tool for anyone that wants to make a simple bitmap font. These fonts are free to use under the Creative Commons license so long as there is attribution, so feel free to include them in your own projects if you like.


Atalanta is my first custom pixel font that I made for a platformer game.

A sample of the Atalanta font

Click here to download Atalanta


Rudras is based on the font used in the English fan translation of Rudra no Hihou, a SNES game developed by Square. I was inspired to create a magic spell creation system based on the Treasure of the Rudras mantra system and I decided I liked the font too. There are some changes, especially regarding the numbers, but the styling is consistent in most cases.

A sample of the Rudras font

Click here to download Rudras

Bonus Wallpaper

I adapted this one from a scene in Doctor Mordrid.

Space Eyes

(Don't bother watching it unless you're a fan of Jeffrey Combs; it's kinda terrible.)