On Typing

Editor's Note: With my typing journey complete, I've since stopped adding to this journal

Being a programmer by profession, I spend a great deal of time typing each day. My hands are paying the price for this.

I have good days and bad days. On most days my fingers feel a bit creaky. On a bad day I feel like I never want to touch a keyboard again. Considering also that my two main hobbies are gaming a piano playing, losing my fine motor skills would be pretty hard to deal with.

With that in mind, I purchased an Ergodox Moonlander, a rather esoteric ergonomic keyboard. I've configured it for a Workman layout and I'm struggling through typing lessons. I'm reminded of my poor experience learning touch typing on a QWERTY keyboard all the way back in the first grade. I'm typing this very article at an excruciating 8 words-per-minute but I glimpse occasional rays of hope every once in a while when I can get through a whole word without mistyping it or needing to look at my hands.

You can view data visualizations based on my learning progression in my keybr.com profile